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January, 5th 2004

Hey people out there! Finally my site goes online...and I am very very proud of it!! It was hard work and I really like the layout now (with all that Reese faces..I love his eyes and smile so much, I can?t get enough of that stupid look:D) This was the first time I worked on a page on my own with html codes..and I?m still a beginner with that stuff but I think as far I am now it?s okay..it took me about ~5 hours to make this page but I think it was worth every second I spend! Please look in the "?ber"-Section, it includes some pictures and information about our beloved idiot-boy Reese xD More will follow soon! (This server has some problems right now but I think in some days it will be fine again and I?ll be able make a big update with a lot of new stuff!)

And maybe this page will include an Reese fanlisting soon..I would be very happy to host the official Reese fanlisting since I am a veeeeeeeeee~ry big Reese Fan..but I am not sure if I?ll get the permission since already a fanlisting for Reese exists. Unfortunately the site seems to be down..I can?t reach it anymore..the link?s broken..perhaps they are moving or something like that?! I hope the fanlisting will be back soon...don?t care who it hosts...its just that the cute little idiot absolutely deservers his own fanlist..oh yeah, I?m so into him xD Reeseeeee~

Some may ask why I like Reese best since Francis, Malcolm and the others are famous too....well, Reese?s just cool and I think he is very cute too....as already told I love his eyes and smile! In fact I always told myself not to fall in love with actors or famous people, I never did and I laugh at people who did because it?s really silly to fell for an actor or star since there?s never a chance to reach him...but now I can?t help myself..I felt for him xD Of course I now this is not reality and at last I may never met him or yet get close to him...but hey, anywhy that?s even not what I want....by the way he?s four years younger than me and in real life I?d never would like to have a boyfriend which?s younger than me....uhm..it?s just a nice feeling about a guy you can never reach or get close, it?s not like real love or anything else..I think as long this is clear, dreaming is ok! But I hope someday I will find my "Reese" in reallife too xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
5.1.04 09:52

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